PERUMDA Tugu Tirta Malang in cooperation with YPTD Pamsi held a WORKSHOP FROM HOME

Against the backdrop of government recommendations when the COVID 19 pandemic in Indonesia worked from home, so did the PDAM employees who worked from home. For this reason, YPTD Pamsi and Perumda Tugu Tirta Malang worked together to procure distance learning to create positive activities amid this partnership for PDAM colleagues in Indonesia.

This distance learning was given the name FROM HOME WORKSHOP, by cooperating with 2 SPAM practitioners namely Mr. Budi Sutjahjo and Mr. Teguh Cahyono. For the initial stage of taking the theme that currently hits the use of technology in SPAM, the Workshop from Home on the Implementation of SCADA SPAM in Perumda Tugu Tirta presented by the speaker Gigih Yuli Asmara as assistant manager of Instrument Control & SCADA in Perumda Tugu Tirta Malang. This workshop uses the ZOOM online meeting application that is familiar to use when working from home. This workshop is free, so the form of participant selection through publishing on social media WhatsApp and FB, with a maximum limit of 30 participants. Surprisingly, there were many participants’ interests that were divided into 2 sessions.

The workshop from home was held for 2 sessions on April 13, 2020, and April 14, 2020, at 10:00–12:00 WIB, in addition to the registration participants attended by PDAMs in Indonesia, also attended by guests from the Ministry of PUPR, BPPSPAM, Water Supply Magazine, and Bacterial Wiyung Surabaya. In total, these 2 sessions were attended by 120 participants.

The implementation of the workshop from home begins with the registration of participants through the committee number, then each participant fills in the registration form because a certificate of attendance will also be given from the YPTD Pamsi. The workshop from home using ZOOM moderated by Mr. Budi Sutjahjo began with an opening by viewing a video clip about SCADA and the profile of SCADA Perumda Tugu Tirta Malang, then followed by remarks from the Director of Perumda Tugu Tirta Malang City Mr. M. Nur Muhlas and YPTD Director Pamsi Rama Boedi. The workshop from home provided the opportunity for the resource person to present his presentation for 20 minutes then the questions and answers continued by the participants who were guided by the moderator. Participants can also ask questions via chat in the ZOOM application. The workshop was closed by the Director of Technical Affairs of the City of Malang Tirta Tugu Tirta, Ari Mukti.

Mr. Rama Boedi appreciated what was done by Perumda Tugu Tirta who held this workshop from home and wanted to share knowledge with other PAMs throughout Indonesia, where until now there are still many PDAMs outside Java that have not been able to access training that is often done on the island of Java, with the existence of technology like now is very doable so in the future it should be able to make a longer distance workshop like this by raising other SPAM themes.

The participants were also very enthusiastic about participating, besides being free, they could also be followed while attending the meeting room with other employees. As expressed by participants from PDAM Kota Bandung Mr. Agung that training like this must continue to be held so that PDAMs that have innovations in SPAM can immediately pass on to other PDAMs, simply by communicating remotely like this the knowledge can also be useful.

Therefore, with enthusiasm, Ms. Ari Mukti promised to hold another workshop shortly from this home with another theme that could provide benefits to all Indonesian PDAM





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